Disposable Sterile Lithotomy Gynecology Pack 2

Unit In Box


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MHK drape packs features 2 and 3-layer absorbent fabric for high protection power, fluid absorbency and repellency beside patient security and staff comfort. Made from a bilaminate and trilaminate of layers of polypropylene and one inner layer of impervious polyethylene film. Our fabric contributes high fluid resistance, softness and fast drapability for a safe surgery

Product No   Product Name  Size  Unit In Set 
 1 Standard Surgical Gown  L  1
 2  Underbuttock Drape With Double Pouch    100 x 130   1
 3 Baby Drape  100 x 100  1
 4 Towel  40 x 40  1
 5 Back Table Cover  150 x 200  1
 6 Sterilization Wrap  100 x 100  1